The Illusion of Equality

September 4, 2017

Equality, the notion that everybody is born equal is preposterous and dangerous to society. People are not born equal, some people are born more talented than others, some people are more beautiful than others, some are born taller than others etc. Our access to justice is equal (or should be equal) and rights granted to each individual are equal… but individuals are never equal. Believing otherwise creates schism in society.

Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia, & The Middle East: US Empire Won’t Leave The World Alone

August 30, 2017

UPDATE: This episode was removed by YouTube! But that's okay. You know that you're on the right path when YouTube removes/censors a video/podcast that is well-reasoned.

Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia, Iraq, Iran, The Middle East for that matter! The US Empire won’t leave the world alone. Does that send shivers down your spine or does that fill your heart with joy? Here's why the American Empire is always involved in conflicts around the world.

Prisoners of Language: Charlottesville Protest Aftermath

August 28, 2017

I will not bore you with the details of what happened in the Charlottesville Unite The Right Protest; that is relegated to others who covered this event wall to wall. In this episode we’ll have a discussion of how language is used to manipulate you and to a certain extent imprison your mind. White Supremacists, Nazis, Fascists, and racists what do they really mean? Do the people using these terms really understand what they’re talking about??? How are these words inflicted and used as weapons to shape and herd people into groups.

POLEMIC: Borders, Cultures, Diversity, & Multi-Culturalism

August 21, 2017

For this episode I decided to do something different. Instead of pre-meditating and listing down my thoughts in the form of show notes, I'll be talking about and trying to figure out my thoughts on immigration, borders, cultures, and multi-culturalism. In short, I'm sharing my thoughts as they appear in my head.

Breakfast, NOT The Most Important Meal of The Day

August 14, 2017

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is a myth, a product of clever marketing sell more breakfast cereals. US 2017 ready-to-eat cereal sales: private label $656.7 million. General Mills $496.6 million.

This myth came from a 1944 marketing campaign called “Eat a Good Breakfast–Do a Better Job” by General Foods, manufacturer of Grape Nuts, to sell more cereals. Pamphlets promoting the importance of breakfast were distributed in grocery store while radio ads proclaimed, “Nutrition experts say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”
By the 1550s this myth spread across the pond in Britain. In 1551, Thomas Wingfield stated that breakfast was essential. Thomas Cogan stated that it was unhealthy to miss breakfast in the morning. He was one of the first to claim that it was healthy for those who were not young, ill or elders to eat breakfast in 1589.

ON MONEY PART 2: How Money is Created

August 9, 2017

Ask people to explain the process of how money is created, you’ll be surprised to the degree to which very few really understands how money is created.
In this 2nd installment of INPOTM Money series, I will explain how money is created in modern economies and discuss what I think are the possible flaws of this system.

ON MONEY PART 1: Is Money Evil?

August 7, 2017

People don’t understand money, not because it’s complicated, in fact money is simple and easy. People don’t understand money because they pile up so many concepts, beliefs, and subjective feelings over money that the real meaning of money gets obscured.

In this special 2-part series, we’ll explore the essence of money. In the 1st installment we’ll talk about: What is money? The on the 2nd installment we’ll talk about: “How money is created” and the particular problems of the financial system.

Let’s get started!

Why Be Rational?

July 31, 2017

All living organisms depend upon their ability to perceive reality as accurately as possible in order to survive. Animals in the wild that misjudge or make an inaccurate assessment of their reality gets eaten. A monkey that perceives a log floating in the water instead of a crocodile gets eaten.

Every organism perceives reality through their senses, sometimes those senses makes errors. To be more specific, the brain interpreting the sense data coming from the sense organs can make errors. The goal therefore of organisms is to get rid of as much errors as in order to see reality as accurately as it can.

Over time organisms evolved strategies in order to compensate for these errors. Some animals developed speed, some strength, some poison, so it could still get away in case it makes an error.

One animal in particular developed a brain capable of reason and logic. This is what separates men from beasts.

So why reason and logic, abstract thinking? Why not just based everything on feelings? Listen to find out!

Gods of The Atheists

July 17, 2017

Self-identified atheists tend to be aligned with the Democratic Party and with political liberalism.69% of atheists identify as Democrats (or lean in that direction), and a majority (56%) call themselves political liberals (compared with just one-in-ten who say they are conservatives). Atheists overwhelmingly favor same-sex marriage (92%) and legal abortion (87%). In addition, three-quarters (74%) say that government aid to the poor does more good than harm.

We live in a soulless, godless, indifferent world. I don’t have any problems with that. Because I have no soul, I’m just a biomechanical/biochemical machinery that was born, lives, then will eventually die. But I think the effect of removing god and all the apparatuses attached with the concept of believing in god is not necessarily good for society because it creates quasi-religious behaviors, ideas, and entities.

GMOs: A Dose of Reality

July 10, 2017

The debate about GMOs have been needlessly emotionalized and politicized. Now we can’t have any reasonable conversation about genetic technology applied on food.
In 2015 US organic sales reached $43.3 billion. There are 40+ pesticides that are “approved” for organic farming usage. Larger dosage is needed as these are not as effective as synthetic pesticides. Some of which can be carcinogenic. 

Without understanding facts and with the annoyingly touchy-feely wouwou state of society genetic technology applied on food has no chance of progressing if nobody does the hard task of speaking truth to the mob. I’m ready to be hated. We are needlessly hampering a technology that could save millions of lives and the environment at large.