Bitcoin Pump & Dump: An Adult Talk About Cryptocurrencies

December 25, 2017

With the rise in price of bitcoin in a market driven by sentiment, it's hard to find anyone to talk to not clouded by greed or fear of missing out. What are the dangers of getting into a volatile fast moving cryptocurrency market? How do you navigate this new technology and new asset class that has no prior history to base your assessment from?
In this episode, we must have an adult talk about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

ON MONEY PART 2: How Money is Created

August 9, 2017

Ask people to explain the process of how money is created, you’ll be surprised to the degree to which very few really understands how money is created.
In this 2nd installment of INPOTM Money series, I will explain how money is created in modern economies and discuss what I think are the possible flaws of this system.

ON MONEY PART 1: Is Money Evil?

August 7, 2017

People don’t understand money, not because it’s complicated, in fact money is simple and easy. People don’t understand money because they pile up so many concepts, beliefs, and subjective feelings over money that the real meaning of money gets obscured.

In this special 2-part series, we’ll explore the essence of money. In the 1st installment we’ll talk about: What is money? The on the 2nd installment we’ll talk about: “How money is created” and the particular problems of the financial system.

Let’s get started!